Sources of Female Genital Sexual PleasureYour Inside & Out Guide to the Female Genitals

If you are looking to give your partner maximum pleasure, it is important to understand the many parts of the female genitalia capable of pleasure and orgasm. This guide will help you learn the whereabouts of all the key areas; supplying you with the best chance of giving her more sexual variety and of course an assortment of orgasms.

If you have a partner, ask her if she will let you spend some time exploring her. Make it a fun exercise to do and ensure that you use a bit of lubricant whilst investigating. You will then gain hands-on knowledge of her U spot, G Spot, A Spot, Deep Spot, C Spot and perineum.

The Glorious Vulva

1 Clitoral Hood

2 Clitoris

The Clitoris is a complex structure comprising of external and internal components. It is much larger than can be seen with the naked eye and extends inwards and upwards towards the pubic area.

The often visible external part of the clitoris consists of thousands of sensory nerve endings. It varies in visibility and sensitivity from woman to woman. The internal clitoral body can be felt through the clitoral hood. The clitoris may swell during arousal, as it contains erectile tissue similar to the penis.

It is a highly sensitive area and therefore should be handled with care.

3 & 4 The Labia

The Labia (vaginal lips) comprise of the Labia Majora (3) and the Labia Minora (4).

The Labia swell during arousal and darken as blood rushes to this area; a sure sign that your partner is sexually excited.

The Vulva

The Vulva consists of the external female sexual organs.

It comprises of all the outer areas, including, the vaginal lips, clitoris, erectile tissue, urethral opening, vaginal opening, the fatty tissue covering the pubic area, various glands and the vulval vestibule.

The vulval vestibule is the area that surrounds the openings of the vagina and urethra.

5 The U Spot (Urethral Opening)

The U Spot is the area around the external opening of the urethra. It lies immediately above the vaginal opening. The U Spot is very sensitive and can be capable of delivering orgasms; hence why some women love having this area stimulated with the tongue.

Care should be taken to always have clean hands and brushed teeth when touching this area, as it is prone to infection

6 Vagina

The Vagina is a versatile muscular tract. It is responsible for clearing menstrual blood, enabling penetrative sex and delivering babies; all quite remarkable.

The vagina also produces lubrication during arousal; assisting penetration. During orgasm, the walls of the vagina grip and massage the penis; steering the penis towards ejaculation. A woman may also voluntarily tense her vaginal muscles in various ways to massage the penis.

The word vagina is often mistakenly used to describe the vulva.

7 Perineum

The Perineum is the area between the vagina and the anus. This area is wonderfully sensitive for some women.

A look inside

The G Spot

The G Spot is about 2cm – 5cm (1 – 2 inches) deep within the vaginal tract on the upper wall.

In some women it feels like a bean shaped lump and can have a slightly rough texture.

It is best stimulated when already aroused by other means.

The C Spot(Cervix)

The Cervix is in the lower part of a woman’s uterus (womb) and connects to the vaginal canal. The cervix’s roundness and dimpled hole can easily be felt with an index finger.

The cervical area is capable of orgasm although cervical orgasms are one of the lesser known female orgasms.

The A Spot(Anterior Fornix)

The A Spot is located deep within the vagina on the upper wall just above the cervix.

Once you locate the A Spot, this area can be stimulated with your fingers, your penis or a vibrator to deliver an A Spot Orgasm.

The Deep Spot(Posterior Fornix)

The Deep Spot is unsurprisingly located deep within the vagina on the lower wall below the cervix. Once you locate the cervix, head south and feel for the channel underneath it.

Note that this channel only opens up when the woman is aroused; once open it is capable of penetration.

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