Your Ultimate Guide toSexually Pleasuring a Man

"Anybody who believes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach flunked geography"

"Anybody who believes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach flunked geography"

Robert Byrne

We are excited to bring you knowledge and guidance on male sexual pleasure. We have written and fully illustrated 17 Sex Guides which will set you on your way to giving your man much more pleasure in the bedroom (or wherever).

The 17 guides will provide you with many techniques that you can use to enhance your sex life and take your sexual relationship in a truly positive direction. It is so easy to get stuck in a sexual rut and repeat the same positions and moves; our guides will ensure that your man is left blown away every time.

You can either work through them to simply gain more knowledge on male stimulation, or you can choose one to try out and perfect each time you have a sex session over the next few months. The latter will surely spice up your sex life and add variety to the proceedings. You may also wish to share the guides with your partner and choose one together. Men do of course vary in what they enjoy, so including your partner is a good route to discovering what he enjoys.

Male Anatomy

Check out our anatomy guide to ensure that you know all the amazing parts of a man's genitals.

Male Genital Massages

Try our step by step massages that can either be used as foreplay or as stand alone sessions. You will blow your man's mind by giving him these ultimate sexual treats.

Complimentary Taster Guide

The Perfect Blowjob

The Perfect Blowjob is that which is tailored to your man's preferences. Men can vary widely in what they prefer so use this guide to create your man's personalised Perfect Blowjob. You can also show him the techniques and check what he likes; otherwise just try each technique and monitor his responses.

Vibrator Play

Treat your man to some vibrator fun.

Sexual Technique Masterclass

Finally we deliver you a set of guides which will help you perfect your sexual technique. From slow build ups to orgasm through to orgasm denial. Master these techniques and you will be ready for the Sex Olympics.

Sex Positions for Women

Have a browse through our Woman on Top sex positions and look out for ones that you have not tried (available to paid members only). You can of course use our Sex Positions section to test out logical sequences of positions in our Sex Position Player. These will allow you to seamlessly move from one sex position to another which will work to seriously blow his mind.

Always strive for more pleasure. Never stop learning. Have fun.