About Us & Media Assets

About Us & Media Assets


Welcome to the Kamorii Press Kit and thank you for your interest in our site. On this page you will find information that will inform you about who and what we are. Here we also provide you with assets that you are free to use. If you would like a press pass to access the membership site for review purposes, then please email us at contact@kamorii.com.

Please check out our About Us, Meet the Team, Meet the Artists, for additional information.

We are also happy to answer any questions that you may have about Kamorii.

A Note from the FounderJulia Akers

Kamorii is a website that makes learning about sexual positions & techniques easy and accessible.

Sex guidance books are everywhere, but they are generally heavily padded with unnecessary information and are not very practical for reading when out and about or for use in the bedroom. I always recall an ex-lover finding my Blow Job guide book in my hotel bedside drawer, not at all embarrassing! It would have been much more discreet if I could have simply checked some moves on my phone.

Kamorii is also very simple and instructional with high quality illustration. Many other guides use low quality drawings, video or photography, which can be intrusive and distract you from the actual techniques. I therefore researched different artistic styles and spoke to many artists. I was lucky enough to find a team of wonderful artists from all over the world to help me illustrate the world of sex & pleasure. Their first task was to illustrate 540+ sex and kama sutra positions; no small feat and this took over 8 months to complete.

As regards the areas we cover, I have been lucky to meet many people who work in the sex and intimacy field; namely, tantric practitioners, dominatrixes, kinbaku experts and many more amazing people. I thought how wonderful it would be to have a resource that collects these tips and techniques together in a single place. A fun resource that you can equally read on the train and take into the bedroom to use with your partner. Therefore creating something that people can really learn from and put into practice.

I therefore went on to hire experts in pleasure and intimacy. Our main resident advisers are Kerri Cust and Mayer Liyer, who give advice respectively on Tantric Sex and Kink. Tantric Sex can seem fairly inaccessible to many people and Kerri, a tantric teacher, has written wonderful introductory guides for beginners. Maya Liyer, a London dominatrix, has provided a much needed introductory guide for couples to help them bring S&M safely into their sex lives. Following the huge success of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, we thought we would provide some practical and safe beginner’s advice about kink.

I previously worked in London as a commercial solicitor, so being able to have a career change, work with so many artists/experts and immerse myself in this wonderful field, has been an absolute privilege.

I really hope that Kamorii works to enhance peoples’ intimate relationships and bring them increased intimacy, sex life longevity, more & better orgasms, and most of all, plenty of fun!


You may either download the following zip files (for sets of assets) or select individual assets below.

Kamorii Branding
Sex Positions
Kama Sutra
Woman & Man User
Tantra & Kinky Time
W Solo & Intimacy

Kamorii Branding

Kamorii Name

Kamorii Logo

Kamorii Name & Logo

Kamorii Name, Logo & Tagline

Kamorii Main Header

Kamorii Main Header (mobile)

Sex Positions

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Sample Sex Position

Sample Sex Position Series

Couple & Sex Position Player

Kama Sutra

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Sample Kama Sutra Series

Kama Sutra Sex Position

Woman User Guides


Woman User Guide Illustration

Man User Guides


Woman using Man User Guide

Man User Guide Illustration


Icon & 3D  Asset

Kinky Time

Icon & 3D  Asset

Kinky Time Artwork

Woman Solo

Icon & 3D  Asset

Woman Solo Artwork


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Intimacy Artwork