The breasts have mesmerised men and women since the dawn of mankind. All breasts are beautiful and should be enjoyed, spoilt and pleasured. Even if you are not particularly excited by breasts, it is vital that you discover whether your partner enjoys hers being stimulated. If she does then you can provide her with some amazing breast stimulation and maybe even some breast orgasms.

In this Breast Anatomy guide we give you an in-depth perspective on the breasts to help you stimulate them more effectively.

Outer Breast Anatomy

1 The Nipples

Nipples contain a rich supply of nerves which make them ripe for stimulation; which in turn leads to sexual arousal. During arousal the nipples become more sensitive and erect.

The nipples are directly linked to the genital sensory area of the brain; meaning stimulation leads to sensations similar to those experienced from stimulation of the female sexual organs. As a result, some women are able to experience nipple orgasms from such stimulation.

2 The Areolae

The areolae are the dark areas surrounding the nipples and they vary in shape in size from woman to woman. Like the nipples, they contain nerve endings which make them beautifully sensitive to touching and sucking.

3 Breast Flesh & Skin

The flesh of each breast feels wonderful to the touch and feels even better when sucked and massaged. It is important to give attention to the whole area of each breast and not just the nipples and areolae.

4 Base of the Breast

The underneath section of the breast is called the base is often neglected. Many women love their bases being cupped, licked and massaged.

5 Between the Breasts

The section in between the breasts (the sternum) is another area which gets neglected. Rub your forehead in the middle of the breasts, lick it up and down and caress it with your hands.

Inner Breast Anatomy

1 Fatty Tissue

Fatty tissue makes up a large proportion of the breasts.

2 Mammary LayerFatty Tissue

A special layer of fatty tissue that contains the mammary lobes and ducts required for breast feeding.

3 Breast Lobules

Each breast contains around 12 – 20 sections called breast lobes. These lobes are made up of many smaller sections called lobules. These produce milk in nursing women.

4 Lactiferous Ducts(Milk Ducts)

The lactiferous ducts are connected to the lobules; these carry milk to the nipples.

5 The Nipple

The nipples contain the ends of the lactiferous ducts.

6 Lymph Nodes

Each breast contains a complex lymphatic structure, which serves to keep the breast healthy.

7 Pectoral Muscles

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