Male Genital AnatomyThe Wonderful Penis

The penis is a remarkable organ and it is a good idea to know its main components in order to understand a man’s genitals. If you learn all the amazing parts of the penis and its surrounding areas, you will give yourself a better chance of satisfying your man.

If you have a male partner, ask him if he will let you spend some time exploring him. Use this guide as a map. During sex we are so focused on delivering pleasure that we do not get the time to really inspect him. Therefore make this exploration a light, non-sexual and fun exercise to do. You can then ensure that you gain full knowledge of his penis, testicles, perineum and the other amazing parts; which will give you more confidence going forward.

1 Glans Penis

The Glans Penis is analogous to the clitoral head and is the bulbous tip at the end of the penis. It contains millions of nerve endings; making it highly sensitive. Unless circumcised, the glans penis is covered partially or completely by the foreskin. The opening of the urethra is located at the tip of the glans.

The size and shape of the glans penis varies widely from man to man.

2 Erectile Tissue

The penis shaft contains three chambers of erectile tissue.

During arousal, the arteries which supply blood to the penis dilate; permitting increased blood to flow to the chambers. This causes the penis to lengthen and stiffen.

3 Urethra

The urethra runs from the bladder to the gland penis; passing through the centre of the prostate gland.

The urethra conducts both urine and semen out of the body.

4 Testes

The testes are a pair of glandular organs that are responsible for the production of sperm cells and the hormone testosterone.

The testes produce trillions of sperm over a man’s lifetime, with about 400 million being released in each ejaculation.

5 Vas Deferentia

The Vas Deferentia (singular vas deferens) are a pair of ducts which carry sperm from the testis to the penis.

These ducts are approximately 30cm long and are surrounded by soft muscle. This muscle contracts to move the sperm along the ducts.

6 Bladder

7 Seminal Vesicles

The Seminal Vesicles are glands which are connected to the wall of the Vas Deferens. These glands manufacture seminal fluid which makes up approximately 70% of the content of semen.

The glands are ball shaped and would measure about 5cm outstretched.

8 Prostate Gland

The Prostate Gland makes fluid that nourishes the sperm. During ejaculation, the prostate gland releases this fluid into the urethra and it is expelled with the man’s sperm.

This gland is roughly the size of a walnut and is located between the bladder and the penis.

9 Cowper's Glands

During arousal, the Cowper’s Glands are responsible for producing pre-ejaculate, which is a neutralising salty liquid. This liquid is released into the urethra prior to ejaculation in order make the urethra a more hospitable environment for the sperm to pass through.

Inner Shaft & Testicles

1 Corpus Spongiosum

The corpus spongiosum is a mass of spongy tissue surrounding the man’s urethra inside the penis. It functions to prevent the urethra from closing up during erection, and keeps it open for ejaculation.

2 Left Corpus Cavernosum

The left corpus cavernosum penis is one of a pair of spongy areas of erectile tissue within the penis shaft. It contains most of the blood which serves to harden the penis during an erection.

3 Right Corpus Cavernosum

4 Cremaster Muscle

The Cremaster Muscle is a thin layer of skeletal muscle that covers the testes. It has the function of controlling the contractions of the testes.

During sexual arousal, this muscle causes the testes to recede towards the body and then fully recede prior to ejaculation Some men enjoy their testes (thus the cremaster muscle) being gently pulled during sexual stimulation.

The Beautiful Glans Penis

1 Urinary Meatus

The Urinary Meatus is the tiny opening at the top of the glans. It is the exit for the man’s semen and urine; although never at the same time due to the bladder being shut off during ejaculation.

2 Frenulum

The Frenulum is a band of tissue located on the underside of the glans. This tissue connects the foreskin to the glans and cause the foreskin to retract during an erection. Many men enjoy this area being licked and stimulated.

3 Coronal Ridge

The Coronal Ridge runs around the base of the glans and connects to the penis shaft. This ridge can be very sensitive; making it a great area for oral stimulation.

4 Foreskin

In non-circumcised men, the foreskin is a multi-layered cover which protects the penis glans. It comprises of skin, smooth muscle and blood vessels. It is analogous to the clitoral hood.

The foreskin is retractable and its coverage of the glans penis varies depending on whether the penis is in a flaccid or erect state.

Other areas of interest

1 Perineum

The Perineum is a smooth area of skin located between the scrotum and the anus.

This area is wonderfully sensitive for some men. Applying pressure here during his orgasm can intensify it for him.

2 Million Dollar Spot

The Million-Dollar Spot is located close to the anus and within the perineal area.

Pressing on this point promotes blood flow to the penis and may help delay ejaculation.

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